14 – Matt Condon Finally Gets His Own Apartment

Today, Maren is joined by long-time friend Matt Condon: Army Veteran, outdoor enthusiast, writer, and world traveler. Matt talks about his journey from West Point, to a long post-army trip around the world, and into the real world. Tune in to hear a great storyteller/writer tell some of his own life story!

Also, check out Matt’s blog and latest article!
Yi) Matt’s blog: https://the-goatpath.com/
Er) Matt’s latest article: https://limacharlienews.com/politics-society/seth-moulton-country-before-party/?fbclid=IwAR1E64TXU7hOkWQAQE-4ODavWwoEG0ArNm-mjRY6Jq1l_tA98CXz3t5Was4

**Listener Brady Note: Matt the History major hating almost all of human history is wild to me.

**Producer/Listener Brady Note: We are giving an awful lot of publicity out here, I better be seeing some ad revenue coming through soon.

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