16 – Amy Natt Catches Craig on Fire (In a Church!)

Today, Amy Natt joins Maren on the pod for a riveting discussion of business ownership and the world of Gerontology! Amy tells her story of how she decided to follow her passion into Gerontology, both the trials and rewards of starting your own business, and how she succeeded as a business-owning single mother. We even get some talk of the wonderful world of Bumble, this episode has everything!

**Editor Maren Note: “I edited this thing for hours! I even put in peaceful birds chirping and common house chores throughout the whole episode to make it gentler on your ears, Andrew!” – Maren, probably

**Producer Brady: You can feel how impressed Maren is with Amy throughout the whole episode. And Maren is an impressive person herself, so you know that Amy’s story is worth a listen.

**Brother-in Law Brady Note: You play music?? You thought about going to OSU?? See this is why I agreed to help out with the pod, to learn stuff like this.

Twitter: @MemberOSociety

Instagram: @Membersofsocietypodcast

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