Death of the Kiowa: The Long Goodbye – Adapt and Overcome, Ep. 12

Happy Birthday to our host, Maren! Thanks for tirelessly working through law school and festivities to get this new content out to the world in crisis!

On today’s episode, we continue “The Long Goodbye” in episode 13, “Adapt and Overcome”. We are joined by the Cowboys to retell their experiences with moving on from the fallout of the decommissioning of the Kiowa.

We are still asking for questions from the listeners! Please reach out to us via email (below), Social media, or any other way you know how to get in contact with us! All questions are welcome, If we get enough we would love to have a Q&A special podcast!

Instagram: @Membersofsocietypodcast

Twitter: @MemberOSociety

Email us at:

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