Death of the Kiowa: The Long Goodbye – Fiddler’s Green, Ep. 13

Today, in our last episode, Maren and our Cowboys reflect on what its like in the afterlife of the Kiowa.

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One thought on “Death of the Kiowa: The Long Goodbye – Fiddler’s Green, Ep. 13

  1. Maren aka LT Lowery aka XO…

    You did an amazing job with your podcast. As being probably one of the of the few people to listen that actually knew and worked with just about everyone that was referenced (that includes the cowboys but also the Soldiers that were referenced by your cowboys) it was an awesome listen. You brought back many memories not only from 7/17 but from early in my career, which began in 1989. I started my career as an OH58A/C mechanic and 8 years into it I lost my Aircraft and had to start all over again as a senior SSG on Black Hawks. So even tho I didn’t fly them, I did work on them and they were my first love of Army Aviation. Keep up the great work. You are still awesome.

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