24 – Grace Gives GenZ A Good Name

In today’s episode, Maren is joined by Grace Sullivan! Grace and Maren talk about Grace’s experiences in high school, future life goals, and the effects of social media on an entire generation. If you want to relive your high school memories, this is the episode for you! **Listener Brady Note: Woof, the talk of generationalContinue reading “24 – Grace Gives GenZ A Good Name”

19 – Cotton Taft Finally Wins Citizen of the Year!

On Today’s episode, Maren returns from her road trip! And in the first week back we get to hear from Cotton, one of Maren’s childhood family friend/boss/neighbor/all around great person. **Producer Brady Note: Listening to the letter reading, I thought I was listening to one of those Charles Dickens book readings. What a perfect voiceContinue reading “19 – Cotton Taft Finally Wins Citizen of the Year!”

Harry Potter – The Podder Pod – Ft. BC

Today is an exciting day in the history of BnB…Mostly Tangents. As today we are joined by one of the biggest expert in all things Harry Potter, long time friend of the pod – Bobby. Listen as we discuss glaring plot holes in the Harry Potter universe, as well as go into our famous segmentContinue reading “Harry Potter – The Podder Pod – Ft. BC”

Fixing the NBA Playoffs

Classic BnBwBnB episode here.  Starts by fixing the NBA Playoffs (obviously and clearly broken).  Then we go into our weekly recap of Game of Thrones Season 8.  I guess we are on episode 4 now? man time flies. Hope you guys are enjoying this season as much as we are. Then we get into everyone’s favorite segment…Continue reading “Fixing the NBA Playoffs”

Medieval Times – A Knight’s Tale/Game of Thrones Mashup

In a true return to BnBwBnB form, today Bina and Brady go through the villains of Brady’s favorite movie, A Knight’s Tale.  Then, if that wasn’t enough Medieval-esque content for you, we butcher remembering what happened in Game of Thrones Season 7 and vaguely attempt to predict what is going to happen in Season 8. Continue reading “Medieval Times – A Knight’s Tale/Game of Thrones Mashup”

Trilogy Time – Fixing the Tournament: First Blood part 3

We are back in action! Side note, we have to say “we are back” way too often… you are probably thinking “why don’t they just consistently release an episode on a schedule?” – To which we say, “Yeah”.  But anyway, thanks for sticking with our inconsistencies. Today, we return to our favorite podcast topic –Continue reading “Trilogy Time – Fixing the Tournament: First Blood part 3”

Book Club – Name of the Wind

We have finally done it!  We have found a way to alienate our entire audience this week by recommending a dying medium, a book.  Join us as we do our best to convince our audience to stop watching Netflix, curl up by the fire and read my favorite book series since Harry Potter. If youContinue reading “Book Club – Name of the Wind”

Fixing the XFL (ft. Nick Jewell)

On today’s episode, we bring back our regular guest host, Nick Jewell, to talk about our on going NFL Playoff Survivor bet and dive into our Super Bowl (Ball)expectations.  We also react to the shocking news that the XFL is coming back and do our best to offer our ideas and fixes to the greatContinue reading “Fixing the XFL (ft. Nick Jewell)”